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My Story

My social media journey started in 2014 when I started posting skits, tutorials and vlogs on YouTube. I found an immense passion for video creation and in 2021, I transitioned to TikTok gaining 300k followers in the span of a few months. I had established a niche revolving around my interest of photography and modelling, which propelled my growth to 800k followers the following year. When Instagram introduced their new reels feature, I was able to utilize reels to grow my account from 0 to 110K+, after it was mistakenly deleted about a year ago.

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August 2021

December 2022





Niki Victoria is a passionate full-time content creator specializing in photography, beauty and fashion. Niki is known for sharing posing tips and photo ideas with her community of one million people across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. She aspires to lead the industry by helping fellow creators and brands with their social media presence and growth.

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Trusted Clients and Partners



Whether you're looking do a commercial shoot or a personal branding shoot, you can put your trust in my artistic eye. 

Can't wait to create with you.

Social Media

Social media is the newest and most powerful asset to grow your business. With 8 years of experience, and more than 700k followers across Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube, I can help your business utilize these platforms to their fullest potential.


Influencer Marketing

One of the key fundamentals of growing your customer base is promoting through trusted influencers within their community. We can accomplish this by developing a campaign fit to your branding needs.

UGC Creation

User-generated content attracts a larger audience through the value of its authenticity. Together, we can broaden your content and strengthen your community. Previous UGC clients include Redken, Dr. Squatch, and others.

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